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~ About Aryn

Aryn is a Fusion Bellydancer currently residing in the Bay Area. She has been dancing and performing belly dance since 2015. While she had some dance experience prior to beginning her journey with belly dance, nothing compared to the dedication she found herself giving the art form.

Beginning classes in February of  2015 with Allegory Tribal Bellydance of Chico, Ca, she quickly embraced the art and history the dance had to offer. Aryn has taken classes with Sarah Adams of Origin Bellydance and Serpentine, Jo Chavez who taught Saidi, and of course, Allegory Tribal Bellydance who took Aryn in and made her a member of the troupe.

Upon moving from Chico to the Bay Area, Aryn finds herself learning bollywood and focusing more on the fusion aspects of fusion bellydance. You can find her practicing art, playing video games, and eating, as these are currently her favorite non-dance related activities.

For current events check out Aryn's Facebook page for an updated list! 

Photo by Natasha Root
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